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SO100 Bevilacqua

This research guide is designed to help students complete the Psychology in the News Assignment

Find News Articles


Find Original Research Article

If you know the journal the article was published in, try:

If you have some citation information (title, author, publication, date, etc.) for the article, try:

Google Scholar Search

To link Google Scholar with SUNY Erie Library databases: Click Menu in the upper-left corner, then Settings, then Library Links. Next, search for Erie Community College, then check the boxes next to each and click Save.

Try a keyword search for the author's last name, journal title, and topic. For example, a news article mentions that research from Dr. Claudia Wascher of Anglia Ruskin University was recently published in the journal Scientific Reports. Her research is about geese metabolic rates. Try searching in Google Scholar using the keywords: wascher "Scientific Reports" geese

If the news article did not mention a specific study or research, try searching for the topic in these databases:

These are just recommended starting points. Many subject-specific databases also contain scholarly journal articles. Visit our Databases page for more resources or ask a librarian for suggestions.

Citing Sources

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