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Virtual Reality

This guide will help you navigate your way around the VR station at SUNY Erie City Campus.


Virtual Reality technology has been enabling immersive learning environments for longer than you may realize, and the technology continues to really improve. While the educational potential that VR unlocks may not be the first thing that comes to mind, consider this: you can travel to and study places that are super far away (from the Louvre Museum in Paris, to distant stars and galaxies), not to mention places that don't even exist any more (from ancient Mesopotamia, to Pompeii before the volcano); you can also see, dissect, and study things that are otherwise invisible (think cellular level).

The potential is seemingly endless. So don't act like you're too cool for school and just game your life away. Dig in, explore, and enjoy! And obviously, feel free to ask your librarian any questions. We're all in this together:)

some terms

from Penn State University Libraries' "Virtual Reality" LibGuide, Gowan & Wilkins, 2019


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