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A Verbal History of Erie Community College: Audio and Transcript

In 1982, former Erie Community College President, James E. Shenton created audio recordings of his memoirs charting the creation of the college in 1946. This presentation allows you to listen to his recordings & read the related transcript documentation.

James E. Shenton's History in its Original Format

Photo credit: Matthew Best, 2010.

Pictured above are the tapes and transcript material included with the master version of James E. Shenton's oral history of Erie Community College. These audio recordings and transcript documents represent Mr. Shenton's memoirs of the college from its inception in 1946 to his retirement in August, 1974. The master recordings and transcipt were created in 1982. They are housed in the Erie Community College Archives, located in the Dry Memorial Library on the College's North Campus in Williamsville, NY.

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