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Information Literacy and Library Instruction

Faculty resources and videos on Information Literacy and Library Instruction

Information Literacy Standards

Information Literacy Standards, Performance Indicators, and Outcomes [ACRL] 

Middle States Commission on Higher Education (2003). Developing Research & Communication Skills: Guidelines for Information Literacy in the Curriculum:
Complete Guidelines

SUNY Erie Learning Outcomes

In concordance with SUNY Erie’s slogan, “Start here, go anywhere,” general education at Erie Community College is based on a series of Learning Outcomes developed on a tiered system to address the needs of non-matriculated students/ students in certificate programs, students in Associate’s degree programs, and students on a transfer path.

Learning Outcome: Information Literacy

Students shall demonstrate the ability to:

Level 1:

·        Determine the need for information to supplement course materials

·        Seek authoritative sources to satisfy information need

·        Use an investigative method appropriate to the discipline and question

·        Compare several pieces of information and evaluate utility

·        Evaluate reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness and bias

Level 2/Level 3:

·        Define information need within a manageable focus

·        Develop research strategies

·        Identify gaps in information

·        Analyze information sources available and rank their value relative to need

·        Compare new information with prior, recognizing value, contradiction or unique characteristics

·        Use the citation and style for written communication most often associated with field or discipline of study

·        Demonstrate familiarity with issues of intellectual property such as copyright, plagiarism, patents or trademarks 

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