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SUNY Erie Library Resource Center

Mental Health Resources

A guide to help students, faculty and staff recognize and assist themselves or others suffering from stress, mental illness or victims or domestic or sexual violence.

Crisis Services

Crisis Services

24 hour Crisis Hotline: (716) 834-3131

24 hour Domestic Violence Hotline: (716) 862-HELP (4357)

NYS 24 hour Domestic Violence & Sexual Violence Hotline: (800) 942-6906 (toll-free number)

Interpreters are available 24 hours a day for non-native English speakers.

Crisis Services offers 24 hour assistance to individuals needing mental health interventions or domestic and sexual violence counseling. Crisis Services can provide assistance via telephone, as well as, mobile outreach and interventions in situations requiring an on-scene mental health professional who can triage a situation and provide solutions including 9.45 evaluations for involuntary hospitalizations.


Erie County Medical Center offers a 24 hour Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) for individuals of all ages needing mental health treatment and interventions.

From the website:

Individuals looking to access CPEP must begin by first visiting the regular hospital emergency room. From there, they are directed to either the adult or child and adolescent section of CPEP for a psychiatric evaluation. Patients may come to CPEP by themselves, or accompanied by family or friends. In certain cases, patients may be brought to CPEP by officials appointed to take them into custody because of risk of harm to themselves or others.

In addition to our on-site emergency services, the CPEP program includes:

  • Extended Observation Unit for further assessment, evaluation, and treatment
  • Mobile Crisis Outreach – provides psychiatric crisis treatment in a patient’s home
  • Crisis Residency – provides short-term emergency housing for patients with mental illness who can care for themselves
  • Children’s Services, including:
    • Inpatient adolescent unit
    • Mobile outreach for children and adolescents
  • Home-Based Crisis Intervention – a short-term (4-6 week) crisis intervention and family education program

SUNY Mental Health Matters

SUNY Crisis Text Line

Text Got5 to 741741 to be put in touch with a trained counselor. Counselors are available 24/7 and this service is free for the SUNY community.


Middle Earth Cafe

Middle Earth Cafe provides peer-to-peer counseling for SUNY students. The service is open from 1pm-midnight Monday-Thursday and 24 hours a day Friday-Sunday. This service is free for students. The number is 518-442-5777 or email 

SUNY Erie Counseling Centers

City Campus
Oak Street, Room 102
P: (716) 851-1188
North Campus
Building S, Room 213
P: (716) 851-1488
South Campus
Building 5, Room 5200
P: (716) 851-1688

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