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SUNY Erie Library Resource Center

College Archives

Archival materials available for use at the Richard R. Dry Memorial Library


The College Archives are open to all visitors, including SUNY Erie students, faculty and staff, alumni, and the surrounding community. Archival materials are unique, and they are often old, fragile, and rare. The College Archives relies on a set of policies and procedures to further its mission to both preserve and provide access to SUNY Erie's history. Please consider the following guidelines for using College Archives materials.

Visiting the Archives

  • Appointments are strongly encouraged.
  • All visitors must register at the reference desk (please remember to bring current photo identification).
  • No food or beverages are allowed near archival materials.
  • All cell phones must be shut off or silenced.
  • Only take notes in pencil on a separate sheet of paper. Pens, highlighters, and markers are not permitted. Do not mark any materials. Laptops are also permitted for note-taking.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling any materials.
  • Only take one folder out of a box at a time, and keep the materials inside the folder in their original order.
  • Documents must remain flat on the table.
  • If you're unsure, ask a librarian for help!

Requesting Materials

  • All visitors must submit a material request form.
  • Materials are non-circulating and must be retrieved by Library staff. 
  • We appreciate advance notice for material requests.


Reproductions for personal or research purposes are available upon request. The following guidelines apply for patrons who have submitted a completed Personal Use form. 

  • Patrons may use personal cameras or cell phones to photograph Archives materials. No flash photography.
  • Visit the reference desk to request photocopies or PDF scans. We ask that you provide the box and folder numbers, page count, and any other available descriptive information of the materials you would like reproduced.
  • No handheld scanners or professional recording equipment are permitted.

For reproductions for use in a published work, please contact Library staff.