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SUNY Erie Library Resource Center

EN100 - College Composition

Use a Variety of Sources

To create an interesting research paper, use a variety of sources.  Depending on your topic, you should consider using:


reference books such as specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries

scholarly journals

trade or professional journals

statistical sources (government websites are a good source)


popular magazines

laws or legal information

radio and television transcripts

This LibGuide contains links to all of these materials through the SUNY Erie Libraries website.  Many materials in our collection are online and can be accessed on the World Wide Web.  These are academic sources and you may safely use materials that you access through the Library website. 

If you use Google or other search engines, evaluate the sites you find before including them in your project.

If your professor tells you "not to use the Internet," you may use library databases and electronic books but not search engines such as Google.

What's a Library Database?

How to Identify Scholarly Articles

What About Wikipedia?

You should not quote or cite Wikipedia in your paper.

Wikipedia itself says:  "You should not use Wikipedia by itself for primary research (unless you are writing a paper about Wikipedia)."

See the links below for what Wikipedia says about academic research.


Evaluating Websites

Ideas on Evaluating Websites