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Mechanical Engineering

Preparing Your Research

Getting Help With Your Writing

The English Skills Center on your campus will be happy to help with any writing or citation questions.  Stop by or call for assistance.

English Skills Centers:

City Campus: Room 360, 851-1060

North Campus: Room D102A (Library building), 851-1582

South Campus: Room 4228, 270-2690

Math Learning Center

Stumped on a math problem? Stop by and feel free to ask the math tutors for help.

The Math Learning Center (or Math Lab) is located at the North Campus Library in room D110 (Phone: 716-851-1581).

Avoiding Plagiarism

Source: WriteCheck. "How to Avoid Plagiarism." 15 October 2013. Online video clip. Vimeo.

call the library: City Library North Library South Library
716.851.1074 716.851.1273 716.851.1772