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The Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP is an on-demand discovery learning professional development model, affording a convenient, focused venue to experiment with social media and the latest web-based instructional technology tools.  TOEP is being implemented by a collaborative team of faculty/staff across 10 SUNY campuses.  TOEP Fellows are expeced to share back to the SUNY community and support faculty and staff on campus through mentoring and instruction of web 2.0 technologies.  Although SUNY Erie is not one of the 10 participating institutions I have been accepted as a TOEP Fellow and will be participating and engaging in the activities and am interested in sharing what I learn with faculty and staff on campus. 


We are all familiar with Powerpoint for slideshows but what about Google slides or Prezi?  It is easy to embed slideshows into a LibGuides page, or in Blackboard and the benefit is that students can view the slideshow without ever having to leave the confines of the LMS or LibGuide.  Presentations can be embedded directly into a course specific LibGuide.  When using a cloud based presentation system (like those below) the content can be updated from semester to semester without having to edit and upload the presentation.  The changes can be made in the original slideshow in the cloud and it will update the content in the LMS or LibGuide. 

Some alternatives to Powerpoint: 

Google Slides (Google Drive)



EXAMPLE: Annotate Bibliography Prezi

Online Whiteboards

Interactive forms and surveys

Want to assess the Information literacy either pre or post-class?  Post a quick poll during a class for feedback or to determine if the sudents are understanding the lesson?  Increase student engagement?  Try using one of the options below; all which are easily integrated into your LibGuides. 


Can be used to engage a class with exercises, games or quizzes.  A unique room number is created and shared with students and instructors can control the flow of questions and games to the users in the class. 

Google Forms

Easy to design, magange and share with others.  Work is automatically saved, you can embed the content and results are automatically filtered into a google spreadhseet. 

An example is the Embedded Librarian Request Form

Poll Everywhere 

Allows participants to answer questions via a mobile device or computer and view the results live.  Librarians can create polls and can combine polls into a survey.  Students can answer by texting, tweeting or through a web page application.  Results can be immediatley viewed in the form of a graph.  Free version limits to 40 users. 

Socrative Quiz

Let's try it out!  I've created a Socrates Quiz to get some feedback.

Click on the link and enter in the room number 896616