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Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga: Research and Writing Information

Information on finding graphic novels, comics, manga and resources about them

Writing Help

The English Skills Center can help you with your research papers and other writing assignments. Please call ahead to verify hours and make an appointment. 

  • English Skills Centers 
    • City Campus: Room 360, (716) 851-1060
    • North Campus: Room D102A, (716) 851-1582
    • South Campus: Room 4228, (716) 270-2690

Identifying Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed Articles

MLA Citation and Formatting

Topic Selection

Evaluating Information Sources


APA Citation Style and Formatting

Use the APA (American Psychological Association) formatting and citation style when creating papers and projects for psychology courses.

APA Citation and Formatting has recently updated to 7th edition. Many instructors are still using the 6th edition. Please verify with your instructor which edition they are using. A 6th and a 7th interactive tutorial are both available for your use.

call the library: City Library North Library South Library
716.851.1074 716.851.1273 716.851.1772