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Maker Lab

Information on equipment and guidelines for using the Maker Lab at North Campus library.

Cricut Guidelines

The Cricut will be available for use by students, staff, and faculty of SUNY Erie. The Cricut must be kept within the Maker Lab in the North Campus Library. 

You may bring your own materials to cut (paper, cardstock, vinyl, etc.) as well as any other materials and supplies needed to complete your project.  We will provide limited supplies of materials for use.  Please refer to the Cricut Cut List to see what materials you can use with the Cricut. Please do not use any materials not on the approved list; you will be responsible for any damages that are caused by using unapproved materials.  There are cutting mats, Cricut tools, and pens available in the Maker Lab. 

We have a dedicated laptop in the Maker Lab for use with the Cricut.  You may not use a personal device, as we must login to our Cricut account.  Librarians are available to assist you in setting up your project and instructing you on basic Cricut use. 

As with any device, the Cricut may have issues. The blade may snag or the materials, or the cut may be completed incorrectly or be incomplete. SUNY Erie and the LRC cannot be responsible for damages that occur to your project. It is good practice to bring more materials than you anticipate needing, in case of accidents, and to test cut settings for your materials.

Cricut How-To

Cricut Project Ideas and Files

call the library: City Library North Library South Library
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