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Gender Studies

A libguide of physical and digital resources to help students, teachers, staff and anyone else who is interested find information on gender, sex, sexuality and intersection of gender, sex and sexuality with other cultural forces

What is Masculinity?

"An identity category that refers to the cultural characteristics associated with being a man. That is, masculinity is a discursive-performative construction that describes and disciplines the cultural meaning of being a man. Masculinity is not an essential quality of embodied subjects but a matter of representation, that is, masculinity is constituted by ways of speaking about and disciplining bodies. As such, masculinity is a site of continual political struggle over meaning in the context of multiple modes of being a man."

"Masculinity." The Sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies, Chris Barker, Sage UK, 1st edition, 2004. Credo Reference, Accessed 08 Apr. 2019.

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