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Learning, Working and Parenting from Home

This guide offers a number of resources to individuals (namely student and/or working parents) who are performing most functions from home. It was created during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which time retainable "non-essential" work moved online, and on

Welcome to the New Normal

Most us have not spent this much time at home since we were children, and now that many of us have our own children, the challenges laid bare by the sudden and resounding outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic have made it clear that "normal" has changed, no small feat in a dynamic and global economy driven by growth. In a situation that remains fluid months in to the crisis, one thing is for certain: our lives have undergone a major adjustment, and additional help is needed. This guide offers resources to those of you who are juggling not just your own academic and/or professional careers at home, but those of your children as well.

As you will see, the guide has a few different layers, that are tabbed out laterally across the top of the guide. Please feel free to contact us and let us know if there are other resources that you think would be useful to share in the guide as well.

Help Lives here

SUNY Erie's videoconferencing tool: Webex

Cisco WebEx IconPlease click here​ to login to Cisco WebEx.


There are a couple ways to use Webex: 1) either by scheduling meetings, sending invites to people's emails, much like you would with Zoom; and 2) by joining meetings, simply dropping in to people's "rooms" by opening their room links. The following doc and videos will walk you through the 2nd option, which is the option for those on the go. Librarians are happy to help you schedule meetings as well.

Additional Guides on Continuity of Library Research & Education

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