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SUNY Erie Library Resource Center

Sustainable Agriculture and the American Diet

A guide to resources about American food sources, factory farming, organic farming and the slow food movement.

Featured DVDs in SUNY Erie Libraries

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The Meatrix

When The Meatrix launched in November 2003, the viral film broke new ground in online grassroots advocacy, creating a unique vehicle by which to educate, entertain and motivate people to create change. The Meatrix movies, now a series, have been translated into more than 30 languages and are one of the most successful online advocacy campaigns ever – with well over 15 million viewers worldwide.

Jamie Oliver on the American Diet

TED TAlk by Oliver, the shaggy-haired "Naked Chef" of late-'90s BBC2 who has built a worldwide media conglomerate of TV shows, books, cookware and magazines, all based on a formula of simple, unpretentious food that invites everyone to get busy in the kitchen.

Mark Bittman on What's Wrong with What We Eat

New York Times food writer delivers a "TED Talk."

Slow Food Nation

This video panel discussion features Wendell Berry, Carlo Perini, Eric Schlosser, Alice Waters, and others discussing the need for change in our food sources.

Farm-Raised and Wild Salmon

SUNY Erie students, faculty and staff only.  If you are off campus, you will have to log in to your account to view this video.

 To keep costs down, intensive-farming operations like Marine Harvest employ practices that yield salmon low in the desirable omega-3 fatty acids-while at organic fisheries, wild-caught salmon are sent to market full of toxins due to the widespread pollution of the seas.