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Cultural Anthropology

Resources for AN102 Cultural Anthropology, Dr. Monique Fortunato

Here are some ideas to help you complete your paper on cultural comparison. You are to compare the Trobrianders to another culture of your choice.

Trobriand Islanders

Some sample search terms that may help you find resources on the Trobrianders:

• Trobriand
• Trobriander
• Trobriand Island(s)
• Trobriand Islanders
• Melanesian
• Kiriwina Islands
• Papua New Guinea
• Ethnology

Sample reference books

Aspects of culture

Here are some sample subject headings that will help you refine your search on a particular aspect of culture:

Art and society

Clothing and dress

Economic conditions

Food habits

Funeral customs and rites


Language and culture

Manners and customs

Marriage customs and rites

Medical care

Mourning customs

Religion and culture

Rites and ceremonies

Sex role

Social conditions

Social life and customs

Social structure

Indian Dancers. From the Collections of The New York Public Library


Here are some books on other cultures held at the SUNY Erie City Library. Search Primo for more!