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Nursing: Evidence-based Practice

Information resources for nursing students at SUNY Erie and those seeking information on health and wellness

What are Evidence-Based Resources?

Evidence-based resources are comprised of single research studies, critically appraised topics and articles, systematic reviews, and meta analyses. 

The evidence pyramid depicts the level of the quality of evidence for each type of resource.

What is Evidence-Based Practice?

Evidence-based practice is the integration of a clinician's expertise supported by evidence-based research and informed by a patient's values and preferences.  


    "What is Evidence-Based Practice?"

by Duke University Medical Center is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


How do I search for Evidence-Based Resources?

There are both Library resources and Web resources for searching for evidence-based practices (EBP).  The difference for you is that many of the library resources will be immediately available for you in full-text.  Resources found in other EBP resources may need to be requested via Interlibrary Loan. 


Using the search options described above will focus your search results to information under the category of evidence-based medicine. This includes articles from evidence based practice journals, articles about evidence based practice, research articles (including systematic reviews, clinical trials, meta analysis, qualitative studies), commentaries on research studies (applying practice to research), case studies if they meet the criteria of the use of research and/or evidence based practice terms.


Web Evidence-Based Resources

Research Articles, Systematic Reviews, and Meta analyses

Critically Appraised Topics

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